Didier Drogba Backs Petr Cech’s Claims of Professionalism

Didier Drogba has tried to back Petr Cech after the Arsenal goalkeeper has faced plenty of criticism at the start of the new campaign.Cech has been one of the most

Gabon Stun Ivory Coast In WC Qualifiers

Ivory Coast's hopes of reaching a fourth straight World Cup took a knock when beaten 2-1 at home by Gabon. Ivory Coast had been tipped by the media to be

Didier Drogba takes credit for Mohamed Salah’s form

Chelsea great Didier Drogba has said that Mohamed Salah had approached him during their time together at Chelsea, where he struggled to find form in front of goal. The Egypt

Drogba Inspires Others To Play His Way

Many footballers in their prime become inspiration for the younger players.

One such instance can be seen in Didier Drogba. Being 38 years of age, he has been known for the football skills he exhibited as center forward. Being part of the Montreal Impact since 2015, he is known to have inspired many to become a star footballer like himself. One current instance can be cited as Michy Batshuayi who is a striker from New Chelsea.

He is keen to follow the footsteps of the player at Stamford Bridge. Michy signed up with Chelsea this summer and he wishes to emulate the success that Didier Drogba has achieved. Batshuayi moved from Marseille in France to Stamford Bridge this Sunday. He has signed a deal with Chelsea for a period of five years. Being a Belgium international player, he states that he would like to follow in the footsteps of Drogba, who made a similar move in 2004 when he comes to Chelsea from Marseille. Drogba made history for the club with the numerous goals that he scored for them, including the penalty kick that secured his team’s win in 2012 Champions League.

Drogba’s playing style might be different from what the Belgium international player follows, but he hopes to achieve success for the club the same way Drogba did in his time. Drogba currently plays for Montreal Impact. Didier achieved a lot for Chelsea and Batshuayi says that he respects his achievements and skills and hopes that he will be his inspiration to achieve similar success for Chelsea. Being 22 years of age, he definitely has a long way to go in his football playing career. He also admits to being fan of Ronaldo and wishes to be a player like his star some day.

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Drogba Helps Montreal Impact To Score Goals In The Last Match

Didier Drogba being a forwarder of the Montreal Impact team was part of the game that the Montreal Impact played against Toronto FC.

The game resulted in a win with a score of 4-2. Didier was a key figure in this game where he tried to grab the ball from Ashtone Morgan, who played the role of defender in Toronto FC. Jonathan Osorio was part of the Toronto club who was instrumental in helping his club secure a win against the Montreal Impact team.

However, as the game was on Montreal Impact had their hopes on Didier Drogba. The Impact forwarder led the team in scoring the two goals that the team could achieve late in the game. The shot that the forwarder got was at the 86th minute. He also helped to line up another shot which was scored as a header goal by Michael Salazar. Drogba used the opportunity of a hand ball which he converted into a free kick and this he used during the stoppage time. Impact however, was not able to score a win as the opponent team was able to score two more goals additionally. The second leg of the match was scheduled to be held soon. The team is yet to taste success this season. There have been other matches of the team at the BMO stadium, which have resulted in defeat for them. They are now part of MLS that the team joined in 2012. Since then the team has experienced three losses and three draws. However, Didier has definitely helped the team and the two goals that he helped his team to achieve in the last match have definitely helped them to increase their chances in the upcoming series matches. Fans will definitely be looking forward to seeing more of his participation in the upcoming months.

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Didier Drogba is undergoing a legal battle with Daily mail

Didier Drogba has been limited to only a few appearances in this season.

The Ivorian attacker was not at his best physically and considering that he is 38 years old, he just isn’t capable of performing consistently in every single game and running in the pitch as a few years ago.

Nonetheless, even at this older age Didier Drogba is still proving his worth as he scored a superb free-kick when playing against Colorado Rapids on April 30 of the ongoing year.

The playing career of Drogba has extended for over 25 years and throughout this period of time, the veteran player has gained recognition and credibility for everything that he has accomplished not only as a performer but also as one of the more influential figures in the world of football.

Drogba is also recognized as a figurehead for his country, Ivory Coast. The experienced player has played roles for the United Nations as a Goodwill Ambassador as well as being a representative of peace for Ivory Coast.

The former star of Chelsea has also created charities and made donations with the purpose of helping deprived children in his homeland Ivory Coast and Africa. The Didier Drogba Foundation was created back in 2007 and its primary function is to provide healthcare and education in Africa but a few weeks ago, the British daily newspaper made allegations that most of the money that is being raised by his charity is not being used for the appropriate causes.

According to the Daily Mail, less than 1% of £1.7m that has been raised by the charity is actually being used to help children in Africa. The British daily newspaper stated that the majority of the donations from the Didier Drogba Foundation are being spent in high profile events for celebrities and this of this nature.

The player of Montreal Impact responded by saying: “Despite sending legal letters and 67 pages worth of documents advising the newspaper that their information was factually incorrect and libelous, they have decided to ignore the facts so I am issuing legal proceedings against them today. There is no fraud, no corruption, no mismanagement, no lies, and no impropriety.”

Didier Drogba said that he is going to take legal action concerning this issue that has risen in relation to the allegations issued by the Daily Mail.

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Montreal Impact lacks firepower in the absence of Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba’s current team Montreal Impact again fails to score in an important clash against Seattle Sounders.

With the current matches being held on artificial turf, the Impact manager has preferred to avoid playing Drogba. The former Chelsea player is not at 100% as he suffers from a knee injury and will not be risked on turf.

In his absence, the Montreal Impact struggles in attack and could not get the better of the Seattle Sounders. Ultimately they lost the game with Sounders scoring with their start player, Clint Dempsey.

However, the Impact manager Mauro Biello was pleased with team performance especially their defense. Indeed, apart from the Dempsey’s goal, they restricted the Seattle Sounders to some long-range effort and were not under big pressure.

He acknowledges that his attack did not perform well and that he would have love to see some more quality in the final third. He believes that with Drogba imminent return in the team, his attack will improve and that they will be better offensively.

He stated that Didier Drogba gives them another dimension in attack since he holds the ball very well to allow his midfielders time to get high up the pitch. Biello wants to use Drogba only when he is sure that the former Ivory Coast international player is 100% ready.

Didier Drogba 38-years only joined the Montreal Impact last year and scored 11 goals in 11 appearances. He scored another goal during the playoff matches. He came to prominence on the world stage during his time at Chelsea where he managed to score 164 goals in his 381 appearances for the London club.

He won the Premier League 4 times, the League Cup 3 times, the FA Cup 4 times and the Champions League once.

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Didier Drogba’s best option is to stay with Montreal Impact

Didier Drogba has a colossal desire on making a return to Stamford Bridge and take up a coaching position in his former club Chelsea. The Ivorian footballer has already stated this on numerous occasions. Drogba’s contract with Montreal Impact lasts until the end of the current season but if his ambition of returning to the Premier League is so big then he might decide to hand in a transfer request and leave the MLS outfit but this would be a huge mistake from the experienced player.

First of all, Didier Drogba is going through a sublime season with Montreal Impact. He was even named as one of the 3 finalists for the 2015 MLS Newcomer of the Year Awards after everything that he has accomplished with the American team. Drogba concluded the regular season of the 2015 MLS with a record of 11 goals in 11 .

The best decision can Didier Drogba make right now is simply to stay with Montreal Impact and continue making impressive performance as his age does not seem to be a problem for him. Age is just a number but class is permanent. This is a phrase that is consistently used to describe certain types of players who manage to play at a very high level despite being in the elevated age range. ZinedineZidane and Thierry Henry are a few of the players who can be used as examples for that phrase and more recently, Didier Drogba.

After Drogba’s time with Montreal Impact reaches it’s end in a few months’ time then that will be his better moment on making a return to Stamford Bridge as that is also going to be the time when GuusHiddink’s contract with Chelsea runs out but the Premier League club is better off if they give Drogba an assistant role instead of giving him all of the entire duties that comes along with being a head coach.

Drogba has not been fully in charge of a top club and taking up this position in Stamford Bridge comes with insane amounts of pressure as the head chiefs of the club want to see them claiming victories and have little patience. Another option would be to turn Drogba into the head coach of Chelsea’s youth academy as he can go on earning his coaching badges before managing the main team; this is what happened with ZinedineZidane in Real Madrid.

For the time being, Drogba should just stick with Montreal Impact and when the time comes, make a return to Stamford Bridge.

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Didier Drogba joining the MLS is a realistic possibility

On May 24 of 2015 Didier Drogba played his last match as a player of Chelsea and ever since then, the Ivorian player has been a free agent but the experienced attacker has revealed that making a move to the MLS is an event that can indeed happen.

Drogba rejected rumors of him making a return to Marseille. Even at his 37 years of age, Drogba still wants to continue playing as he has no desire of retiring at this point of his career and the veteran player said that returning to Marseille is something that will not happen as the French club does not have a project or a plan to win big things and Drogba wants to go somewhere where they have plans of winning.

Former star of Chelsea, Didier Drogba said: ‘’It’s not a question of money. I like to have a project. And Marseille, which I know well, does not have a project. They have sold their best players, whom they let go till the end of their contracts. I’m talking about Andre Ayew, Andre-Pierre Gignacand they’ll lose more.’I don’t want to go to Marseille to just play. If I go somewhere, it’s to win, and I want to win. The question has been coming up for 10 years.’’

It seems like Didier Drogba making a move to his former side Marseille is not going to happen but the Ivorian player did reveal the possibility of joining the American League, Major League Soccer.

When Drogba was asked if he would join the MLS side, New York Red Bulls and follow the footsteps of Thierry Henry who used to perform with the American side, Drogba replied by saying: ‘’Ok, just call the owners and then I’m there.”

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Drogba has no plans to retire and his future at Chelsea will depend on Abramovich

Drogba might not be scoring goals as he used to do some time ago but even at his 37 years of age, the player hailing from Ivory Coast still manages to enter the playing grounds and find the back of the net on a few occasions.

When Didier Drogba was asked if he had decided about what to do in the future, the veteran forward replied by saying: “Yes I have and it’s not going to be my last season.”

It looks like Drogba is not interested in retiring in this season as the player himself confirmed it but what remains unclear is to what will happen when his contract at Stamford Bridge reaches it’s end.

The Ivorian attacker has a contract with Chelsea that runs out at the end of the season and no confirmations have been made concerning if it will be extended for another year but according to Jose Mourinho, the future of Drogba depends on Roman Abramovich.

Jose Mourinho revealed that the future of Didier Drogba is not lying in his hands and instead it’s the owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich who has the final say as the Portuguese coach said: “I think, this is a club thing. This is a MrAbramovich thing. MrAbramovich wants him to do what he wants in the club.It’s something MrAbramovich has to tell him. He has to decide.But, obviously, Drogba belongs to the history of this club. These guys are special players.I think it belongs to Drogba. What he feels and what he thinks.’’

Jose Mourinho has defended Didier Drogba as the manager said that Drogba still has an important role to play at Stamford Bridge and its as an assistant coach. Drogba signed with Chelsea on July of 2014 and he decided to have a managerial role instead of an actual player and Mourinho believes that Drogba has a promising future ahead of him in his new role but the problem is that Drogba still wants to continue getting into the pitch and scoring goals but his playing time at Stamford Bridge is very limited.

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Didier Drogba and Loic Remy are Best Strikers

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says that he has full faith in strikers Didier Drogba and Loic Remy, as he attempts to manage the final match without the suspended Diego Costa.

The Spain international picked up a three match suspension for his stamp on Liverpool midfielder Emre Can in the League Cup semi-final. He has missed matches against Manchester City and Aston Villa. Chelsea have done rather well in this period as they have secured a draw and a victory from these two matches. Costa will be unavailable against Everton this weekend in what will be his third and final suspension match.

The striker is all set to return back to the first-team when Chelsea play against Paris St Germain in the first leg of the Champions League last 16 round. For the moment, Chelsea are focused on Everton and keeping their seven-point lead in the Premier League intact. Everton have posed a difficult challenge for the blues at Stamford Bridge in the past. Last season, it required a late winner in order to find a way past the stubborn Merseyside outfit. Mourinho is expecting a similar match this weekend as well, but he will not be able to field the likes of Costa and Fabregas.

“We don’t have the player that is suspended. We have to stick with Didier and Remy. Again, we need the suspended player but we coped without him and we got results without him. With him it could have been even better, but I trust my people; we always decide not to speak about players that cannot play. We try to forget it and give confidence to the other people.We had two very difficult matches against City and Villa, we have a third one now against Everton and we have to try to do the best and try to get the maximum points possible,” said Mourinho.

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Drogba all time Impressive Record Against Tottenham

Chelsea showed no signs of missing Diego Costa, who is their scorer in the league with 11 goals, as Didier Drogba rolled back the years to inspire the club in the 3-0 win over Tottenham.

Drogba has an impressive record against Tottenham in his first spell, but not many expected the 36-year-old to create the impact as he did on Wednesday night. He created the opening goal by playing a neat one-two with Eden Hazard, who finished extremely well. It was the turn of Drogba to get on the scoresheet after he outmuscled Jan Vertonghen to score just a few minutes after Hazard’s goal.

Even though the striker was clearly tired after the hour mark and had to be replaced, he left a lasting impression on the match. Jose Mourinho was clearly a major reason behind Drogba returning to Chelsea in the summer. Even though Drogba has a contract only until the summer, it is widely believed that he will be taken into the club as one of the coaching staff once he retires. Chelsea have inflicted yet another defeat of Tottenham at Stamford Bridge. They have been unbeaten at this ground against their London rivals since 1990. Mourinho has once again urged Drogba to consider retiring at Chelsea.

“He’s remarkable. You know … first of all he’s a team player. He’s a team player. After that, he’s got one of these ‘old-days’ mentalities: not selfish, not vain, a humble guy who plays and fights for the team. Fantastic. When he is on the bench and comes on for the last few minutes because the team needs someone to hold the ball up or to defend set-pieces, he does that with the same enthusiasm and spirit as he does when he starts a game against Tottenham,” said Mourinho after the win.

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Drogba Has Intentions To Return To CHelsea

The Champions League winning season of Chelsea of 2011 can be credited in a large part to Didier Drogba as the African player scored the equalizer goal against Bayern Munich in the finals of the European tournament which forced the match to continue into a penalty session in order for the champions to be decided and it was Drogba who scored the last goal that awarded Chelsea with the prestigious title.

That was the first Champions League silverware that Chelsea has managed to secure in the entire history of the club and those players that were involved in accomplishing that achievement marked their name in what has been the most successful season of Chelsea ever as they also lifted the FA Cup in that same year.

Didier Drogba arguably was one of the most important players that helped Chelsea on winning those titles and now that the African has returned to Stamford Bridge, he has revealed his desire to win another Champions League title and continue making even more history with the Premier League club.
“Now we have a Champions League title at this club I think expectation is a bit higher because everybody wants us to do it again so let’s go for it. During the first few weeks I was here, of course you look back and think ‘it was like this and that before’ but I came back because I wanted to make history again. That’s what I said the first time I was here and nothing has changed. We are happy at the moment with the way we are playing and the way the team is responding. We have started well but it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” Drogba said as he unveiled his own objective and of Chelsea in this season.

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