Drogba has no plans to retire and his future at Chelsea will depend on Abramovich

Drogba might not be scoring goals as he used to do some time ago but even at his 37 years of age, the player hailing from Ivory Coast still manages to enter the playing grounds and find the back of the net on a few occasions.

When Didier Drogba was asked if he had decided about what to do in the future, the veteran forward replied by saying: “Yes I have and it’s not going to be my last season.”

It looks like Drogba is not interested in retiring in this season as the player himself confirmed it but what remains unclear is to what will happen when his contract at Stamford Bridge reaches it’s end.

The Ivorian attacker has a contract with Chelsea that runs out at the end of the season and no confirmations have been made concerning if it will be extended for another year but according to Jose Mourinho, the future of Drogba depends on Roman Abramovich.

Jose Mourinho revealed that the future of Didier Drogba is not lying in his hands and instead it’s the owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich who has the final say as the Portuguese coach said: “I think, this is a club thing. This is a MrAbramovich thing. MrAbramovich wants him to do what he wants in the club.It’s something MrAbramovich has to tell him. He has to decide.But, obviously, Drogba belongs to the history of this club. These guys are special players.I think it belongs to Drogba. What he feels and what he thinks.’’

Jose Mourinho has defended Didier Drogba as the manager said that Drogba still has an important role to play at Stamford Bridge and its as an assistant coach. Drogba signed with Chelsea on July of 2014 and he decided to have a managerial role instead of an actual player and Mourinho believes that Drogba has a promising future ahead of him in his new role but the problem is that Drogba still wants to continue getting into the pitch and scoring goals but his playing time at Stamford Bridge is very limited.

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