With each week passing by and the rumors piling up as some players become available and their current situation with their respective clubs gets worse, Chelsea was believed to be on the lookout for a number of players for the January transfer window.

The main attacking force of Chelsea Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’o and Demba Ba have been struggling to add goals for the club in this season and it was one of the reasons why Jose Mourinho wanted to sign Wayne Rooney this past summer.
Romelu Lukaku was allowed to join Everton on loan which was a fairly odd decision considering that he would be a great addition and can help boost the club’s morale but more important are the amount of goals that he will be able to score in Chelsea.

“If you tell me Sergio Agüero has scored already 10 or 12 goals, Alvaro Negredo 10 or 12 goals, Edin Dzeko four or five, Rooney eight or 10, Olivier Giroud eight or 10, Daniel Sturridge eight or 10, Luis Suárez 10 or 12, if you ask me would I like my strikers to score eight-10-12 goals, yes,”.

“If we had eight-10-12 goals from the strikers we would be top of the league. That’s a reality but my strikers give everything and the team works hard. What can you do more? We work, we keep working. That’s the only way I know is to keep working’’.

“Of course we want the best possible results, but I am not waiting for players, I am not asking for players. This is a period for the club and this is a period of my team where we have to try and improve the players we have and try to build a future’’. Mourinho said.

Even though all the forward of Chelsea still have not found their stride in this season, Mourinho claimed that he will not be asking for funds in January and instead will work with current squad for the remainder of the season.

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