Chelsea to win the Premier League

Former Chelsea player Didier Drogba believes that Chelsea can dominate English football for the years to come.

He said that this would start this season itself as he thinks that they will be the one to lift the trophy.

The former Ivory Coast international stated that Chelsea has a substantial lead at this stage of this season and he does not think that there is any team that can catch them at the moment. He believes that Antonio Conte has inspired the players and that they are responding well on the pitch.

Didier Drogba said that this is only a start and he feels that this can be the beginning of something big for Chelsea. The former Chelsea striker said that the squad is quite a strong one and this was evident in the manner they beat Manchester United in the FA Cup.

Drogba thinks that Antonio Conte will strengthen the team further during the transfer window and that they will become a formidable side in Europe. He said that Chelsea would have to test themselves against the best in Europe to find out how much they have progressed under Conte.

The former Ivory Coast international stated that the Chelsea players have adapted well to the change of formation and that they are performing well in this new system. So far there is not one team in the Premier League that has managed to beat this system, and he believes that Chelsea will end up as Champions at the end of the season.

He said that this would be a deserved trophy for them as they have been magnificent and consistent throughout the season. He believes that there is much more to come from this current squad and he thinks that they will be a tough competition in next year’s Champions League.

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