Drogba Has Intentions To Return To CHelsea

The Champions League winning season of Chelsea of 2011 can be credited in a large part to Didier Drogba as the African player scored the equalizer goal against Bayern Munich in the finals of the European tournament which forced the match to continue into a penalty session in order for the champions to be decided and it was Drogba who scored the last goal that awarded Chelsea with the prestigious title.

That was the first Champions League silverware that Chelsea has managed to secure in the entire history of the club and those players that were involved in accomplishing that achievement marked their name in what has been the most successful season of Chelsea ever as they also lifted the FA Cup in that same year.

Didier Drogba arguably was one of the most important players that helped Chelsea on winning those titles and now that the African has returned to Stamford Bridge, he has revealed his desire to win another Champions League title and continue making even more history with the Premier League club.
“Now we have a Champions League title at this club I think expectation is a bit higher because everybody wants us to do it again so let’s go for it. During the first few weeks I was here, of course you look back and think ‘it was like this and that before’ but I came back because I wanted to make history again. That’s what I said the first time I was here and nothing has changed. We are happy at the moment with the way we are playing and the way the team is responding. We have started well but it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” Drogba said as he unveiled his own objective and of Chelsea in this season.

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