Didier Drogba’s best option is to stay with Montreal Impact

Didier Drogba has a colossal desire on making a return to Stamford Bridge and take up a coaching position in his former club Chelsea. The Ivorian footballer has already stated this on numerous occasions. Drogba’s contract with Montreal Impact lasts until the end of the current season but if his ambition of returning to the Premier League is so big then he might decide to hand in a transfer request and leave the MLS outfit but this would be a huge mistake from the experienced player.

First of all, Didier Drogba is going through a sublime season with Montreal Impact. He was even named as one of the 3 finalists for the 2015 MLS Newcomer of the Year Awards after everything that he has accomplished with the American team. Drogba concluded the regular season of the 2015 MLS with a record of 11 goals in 11 .

The best decision can Didier Drogba make right now is simply to stay with Montreal Impact and continue making impressive performance as his age does not seem to be a problem for him. Age is just a number but class is permanent. This is a phrase that is consistently used to describe certain types of players who manage to play at a very high level despite being in the elevated age range. ZinedineZidane and Thierry Henry are a few of the players who can be used as examples for that phrase and more recently, Didier Drogba.

After Drogba’s time with Montreal Impact reaches it’s end in a few months’ time then that will be his better moment on making a return to Stamford Bridge as that is also going to be the time when GuusHiddink’s contract with Chelsea runs out but the Premier League club is better off if they give Drogba an assistant role instead of giving him all of the entire duties that comes along with being a head coach.

Drogba has not been fully in charge of a top club and taking up this position in Stamford Bridge comes with insane amounts of pressure as the head chiefs of the club want to see them claiming victories and have little patience. Another option would be to turn Drogba into the head coach of Chelsea’s youth academy as he can go on earning his coaching badges before managing the main team; this is what happened with ZinedineZidane in Real Madrid.

For the time being, Drogba should just stick with Montreal Impact and when the time comes, make a return to Stamford Bridge.

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