Former Liverpool and Valencia manager Rafa Benitez has said that he will not be out of work for long once he leaves Chelsea at the end of the season. Since leaving Inter Milan after just six months, Benitez found himself out of work for almost 2 years before being hired by Chelsea.

However, he feels that he has done an extremely good job with the current European champions in such a way that it will not take long for him to find work again. Benitez is on course to winning the Europa league with Chelsea this season.

Chelsea fans have never accepted the former Liverpool man on allegations that he has been heavily critical of the West London outfit during his time at Liverpool. However, Benitez repeatedly stated that he was not going to be worried about the criticism from the fans because he is a professional and he wants Chelsea to win as long as he is contracted to them.
Due to the vocal disapproval from Chelsea fans, which has not subsided even after several months, Chelsea are not expected to renew the contract of Benitez wants it comes to an end this season. Hence, he could be on the market for a new club once again.

“A coach or manager has to concentrate on winning games and then your agent can talk to people. I prefer just to talk about what I’m doing now and what I want to do on Sunday. I have a contract until the end of the season. If I say ‘yes’ we’ll have another… Someone will maybe interpret it in a different way. I don’t want to create a situation that might destabilise where we are at the moment. At the moment we are so close to the end of the season and we have so many important games and I have to concentrate on games,” said Benitez.

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